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There's no denying that there's an economy of energy for each person and there are limits to how much can go out. Of course, I want to do more and more all the time, and there's some people that are amazing that way-- they can do so much.

But I'm not one of those people.

I think part of getting older is trying to figure out which things that you do want to spend more time on and which things that you don't. I'm glad it seems like I'm doing a lot and doing it okay. But everything I do could always benefit from more attention.

The practices is fundamentally an ongoing meditation on how you dispense energy, on how you share energy in your life.

Taken while at the AYCT doing a photoshoot. David thought I was taking pictures but I decided to get a few clips of his movement.

Media: Floating

Watch (and hear) David Robson demonstrate the intermediate series of Ashtanga Yoga with a special commentary. A ten part series filmed at Purple Valley in Goa. His practice is graceful and almost zen like.

Anatomy master Stu Girling interviews David Robson as they speak about the Ashtanga Tradition and philosophy.